Jay daniells

Website Designer

I have been designing websites since year 2000 and have been doing site design, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and Digital Marketing work for clients ever since.

After working in Brisbane for many years, I started freelancing full time in 2009. I was mostly working for small and medium sized businesses and Not-for-profits. Most of my clients were scattered around the Eastern Coast of Australia.

In February 2015 I started Green Valley Digital. Myself and my team, (some of whom used to work with me in Brisbane) operate the business together. We provide website design, SEO, Digital Marketing, Print Graphic Design, Animation, Video Graphics and many other commercial services.

I am no longer using this website. I may launch a blog on here in the near future though. You can of course still contact me and/or commission me to work for you. Just click the below link and contact me via the Green Valley Digital website:

Contact via Green Valley Digital