Tutoring - North Burnett, Bundaberg & Hervey Bay, etc

I provide tutoring services for youth, kids and adults. I have a current Blue Card. I can tutor and teach in home-schooling groups, one-2-one, small groups and larger groups. At least 1 parent always needs to be present or within ear-shot. For larger groups parent helpers and/or teacher helpers are required. 

I can also provide work experience and have done several times in recent years. 

I’m also more than happy to do talks/ presentations at schools that are age-group-appropriate. 

I believe in paying it forward and giving back. “It takes a village to raise a child”, as they say. 

I started out working with youth when I was 17, when I was asked to be an assistant YMCA Youth Holiday Program assistant. It was for youth age 6 and above. I have always found working with youth to be relatively straight-forward. In 2017 I became an Assistant Scout Leader. 

There are many positive outcomes in the way ‘I share what I know’. I believe teaching and tutoring is ‘sharing knowledge’, teaching ‘processes’, helping youth solve problems for themselves, developing both creative & lateral thinking, teaching tips & tricks and ‘learning by doing’. 

Some of the areas I teach and tutor in include:

  • Art
  • Paint pen art
  • Airbrush art
  • Construction
  • Photoshop
  • Model making (scratch building and from kits)
  • Bow shooting (and aiming)
  • Learning by doing
  • Vision, belief and focus
  • Bush crafts & bush skills (I am an experienced Assistant Scout Leader)
  • Bush skills construction (knots, lashings, making bush shelters, etc)
  • Sport strategy and development 
  • Design
  • Inventing & developing ideas/ developing creativity, (from brief, to brainstorming ideas, choosing/ validating the best idea, proof-of-concept, to concepting & rapid prototyping, to production through to completion)
  • Business
  • Mixed media, sculpture, illustration, animation, etc
  • Additional requests; anything… especially if you want a hand making something you have seen on YouTube, pinterest etc.  I have most tools needed to design, make patterns, build stuff, etc
  • For older youth and adults I can also teach entrepreneurial mindset, etc.

I have a wide variety of skills. I have been painting, fixing, designing, building and restoring things for over 20 years. 

If you would like to find out more, contact me on 0400 838 085. My schedule is flexible most weeks, plus I can work part of some weekends.

Gayndah and Bundaberg are my home bases. I currently spend equal time at both locations. More than happy to also do work in Hervey Bay, Agnes Water, Sunshine Coast and other areas as well.

Teaching young youth how to shoot a bow - December 2021

Teaching young youth how to shoot a bow. December 2021

Assisting a youth make a model plane with his Dad

Assisting a youth make a model plane with his Dad. December 2021

Drawing of a face I was working on at one point - copied from a tattoo. Lead pencil

Drawing of a face I was working on at one point (2017) - copied from a tattoo. Lead pencil.

“As a homeschooling mum, that is all we have ever done, I welcome new experiences and people into our lives to help make my children more rounded. Jay has been able to provide so many different opportunities and skills and the kids are lapping it up. They are always excited to go see Jay and we look forward to continue working with him.”

— Jessica (2022)

“Jay has been teaching my son (9) and daughter (12) drawing, painting, outdoor activities and other craft skills since they were little. The kids love his lessons because they are fun and interesting and he has really helped with their confidence because of the cool things they create and do. Jay is a very talented artist in his own right and an industry professional (in digital marketing, business and design to name a few).

I feel privileged that Jay is more than happy to share his knowledge AND with such patience! What I also really appreciate as a parent is his dedication to understanding the interests and abilities of my kids and designing projects not only to suit their skill level, but to challenge them. During Covid lockdowns Jay even managed to teach my son how to make a model airplane via zoom! 

My kids are looking forward to the next time Jay visits our region – they have so much fun I think they forget they’re learning! Thanks Jay.”

— Fiona (2022)

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What areas have you worked in during your career these past 20+ years?

During my career I have worked in:

  • Farming and fruit picking
  • Cleaning: Nursing Home, ANZ Stadium (Brisbane), The Gabba (Brisbane), Mines (North Qld)
  • Corporate Suite Steward at The Gabba (cricket and AFL – 2 years)
  • Newspaper: Advertisement Designer and assisting the Sales Reps (2 years)
  • Architectural Model Making (Fortitude Valley – 15 months)
  • Signwriting and sign installation (Brisbane for 2 years)
  • Sign Design (ongoing)
  • Film and TV (Roma Street Brisbane – 2 years)
  • Media, communications and marketing industry (majority of my 20+ year career)
  • Websites, graphic design, brand development, SEO, marketing campaigns, etc (ongoing for the past 18+ years)
  • Freelancer (all of my career)
  • Restoring pushbikes and other things. Some of the info is here (2019 – present)
  • Directly associated with a business called To The Point Productions (I also created their website)
  • Own and manage a business called Green Valley Digital (the last 8 years – ongoing)
  • Assistant Scout Leader (volunteer – 3 years)
  • Youth Basketball Coach (recently started. More info here https://www.gayndahyouthbasketball.com.au/
  • I have also volunteered and been a sponsor for events such as Bethlehem Live and Scouts Kiwi Woggle Camp

More information is on my LinkedIn

What are your rates/ fees?

I discuss fees with individual parents and/or home-schooling groups to collaboratively agree upon what is affordable to them and still viable. I typically offer hourly rates base on the rule of thirds: Tax deducted, then 1 third for expenses, 1 third for capital and 1 third as wages. I typically am happy to have a ‘wage’ of as low as $25 per hr.

For groups and workshops: fees per youth are calculated based on the number of youth attending and other factors. I keep costs as affordable as I can.

Hourly rates vs quarter days, half days, full days, multiple days booked in a row: Fees vary and there are ‘reduced fee package options’ if groups book me for more than 1 hour on any given day.

Materials: parents are to buy materials or I supply then at separate fee (reimbursed).


Travel: If I have to travel extensive distance a portion of the travel cost is discussed.

Partial contra and unofficial barter: I am always happy to discuss.

What are some of the things you (Jay) believe in?

Amongst things I believe in:

  • We live in Australia! We have every opportunity if we have belief, support and good guidance… and a ‘no giving up mindset’
  • Seek the facts vs hear-say or making assumptions. 
  • Life is an experience. By gaining a good education you can choose a career you enjoy. A good education provides more choices in life.
  • Race, gender, colour or creed, etc; We are all 100% equal and all deserve equal rights, equal opportunties, etc.
  • Mentors are important
  • Being prepared
  • Be strong of mind and heart
  • You’re only as good as your word
  • Safety first
  • Think of how you want to be remembered and live your life accordingly.
  • Stay true, stay real and stay humble.
  • Avoid developing a bad ego.
  • Patience is vital.
  • Greed is bad
  • Re-using, recycling, upcycling. “Waste not, want not”
  • Listen to others
  • Be open minded
  • Choose the good things in life, stay away from the bad stuff
  • Quality of life is all about choices
  • Learn lots while growing up to prepare for the world as an adult
  • Healthy fun is important 
  • Givers gain
  • Law of reciprocity
  • Accountability
  • Follow your passions
  • Being trustworthy
  • Share what you know/ share knowledge
  • Takes a village to raise a child
  • Good healthy food and land regeneration
  • Supporting and aiding others
  • Supporting artists
  • Being decent towards others. Some have less and others have more; but at the end of the day we are all just equal humans
  • Justice and fairness
  • Pay it forward
  • Integrity
  • Education is important
  • Learning how to self-learn is important
  • Playing a part in community
  • Developing skills is a good thing
  • Treating other people well and doing things for others brings joy and aids in a happy life.
Are you registered for GST?

I am. I operate as a sole-trader.

What qualifications do you have?
  • 12 Months Studying Construction Management and Quantity Surveying at QUT (when I was 18)
  • TAFE Cert in Welding
  • TAFE Cert in Construction
  • Mine Site Generics (expired)
  • Health and Safety (expired)
  • First Aid Training (currently expired; need to renew)
  • Cert 3 in Illustration and Art
  • Diploma: Multimedia
  • Diploma (full scholarship): Animation and Screen
  • Short courses (online learning)
  • 1000’s of hours watching content on YouTube
  • Many, many hours doing self-learning over the past 20+ years
Why do you tutor?
  • I  believe the more we can teach youth, the easier their transition into adulthood will be.
  • We all need mentors. I have enough skills and experiences to be of use.
  • For 5000+ years youth have learned from elders. I believe this is important.
  • The more good things we can teach youth, the better their lives will be… and the better the lives of future generations will be as well. 
  • The older I get, the more I see what is happening in this world, the more injustices, etc I see, the more I feel called to do this. May sound self righteous (I don’t mean for it to be). 
  • ‘Standard schooling system’ does not teach everything… and leaves a lot of important stuff out (like how to be successful in business).
  • I don’t like bullying but I find the public schooling system has not been able to stop it. Alternative schooling methods are a good thing I think. 
  • Being stuck in a rectangle room, sitting at a rectangle desk and looking at a rectangle chalk board did not excite me as a kid. I feel there are better ways and locations to teach kids (and more fun to be had than in a typical ‘classroom’)
  • I wished I could have been taught more in the areas that were my passions as a kid. I would have had more skills and wisdom at a younger age. I believe being able to follow your passions fully from a young age is a good thing (permitting it does not spoil).
  • Youth get along well with me. I am able to teach them things easily. 
  • Many hands make light work. I am capable and happy to play a part.
How old are you?

Right now I am 43. I will be 44 in April.

What don't you teach?

I do not teach or discus social-political or political matters with youth. Nor religious topics, spirituality or any other topic that I feel should be topics discussed by parents. I do not teach or discuss matters that could influence your children in concerning ways.

How does your process work?

It is a very straight forward and easy processs. The process starts with contacting me. We then arrange a phone call or Zoom call to discuss your requirements. I can then prepare and present a  quote. Once agreed to and the deposit is paid, I simply pack my ute with the materials and tools I need to attend your location. I will have lesson plans with me as well. Most of my tools and equipment is already boxed up ready to go. After the tutoring sessions I send the final payment invoice. In time I will also tee up Square or a similar ‘on the day payment’ method. I also believe in gaining feedback so from time to time I may send a short online survey to fill out.

What days are you available?

It varies. My time is mostly split between being in the North Burnett and the Bundaberg region. I make time. Contat me and we can work it out. 

Do you offer repayment plans?

I do. A deposit is paid upfront, however if you need a repayment plan for the final payment, we can discusss an arrangement.

Contact me to discuss your requirements

Thanks for checking out my website :). If you would like me to work for you, I look forward to hearing from you.

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