Millennium Falcon Model Build – MPC Model Kit

25 years ago I was given a MPC Millennium Falcon model kit. I quickly assembled it and painted it with spray cans. Back then I did not have an air-brush and had not worked as an architectural model maker (which was one of the casual jobs I had when studying at Uni and TAFE in Brisbane in my late teens), so it was really roughly done.

The MPC is known to be not entirely ‘screen accurate’. As in there are parts of it that are not accurate to the model that was used in the Star Wars movies.

It is still a reasonable model and looks pretty jolly good when painted correctly.

So in 2021 I decided it was time to re-do the project from scratch. So I pulled it entirely apart and started doing online research to find out the best way to go about restoring it (redoing it)… and making it somewhat more accurate to the actual movie prop.

There are many aftermarket replacement parts for this kit you can buy online, which will help make it more screen accurate. There are also HEAPS of forums with information to assist with doing this project correctly and MANY videos on YouTube.

After pulling apart the model and cleaning up the parts, I then resprayed them all with grey primer.

I have since started the first part of the airbrush painting process.

I only have very limited spare time to work on this project atm (it is a very low-priority activity right now). I will however add updates and pics here in this post as the project progresses.

Primer applied
Primed and ready to start re-painting
Started the first part of the airbrushing process
Started the first part of the airbrushing process

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