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I have been professionally designing and building websites since 2003. I still design and create websites for people, businesses, organisations, NFP’s and many other entity types regularly. I also own an agency called Green Valley Digital.

Here are a few of the websites my team and I have created recently. I have designed each of these websites:

I will add screenshots of some of these websites to this page soon (when I have a spare minute).

I’ll also write some case studies about some of these website projects here on this website at some point as well.

To view more of my website work please view the gallery page on this website and browse the Green Valley Digital website.

Please note: Many of my clients require myself and my team to sign non-disclosure agreements. I am therefore unable to share a lot of the work we do.

If you would like me to create a website for you, feel free to send me an enquiry via the contact us page on this website.

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