Space Shuttle Model – From an Old Kids Toy

I kept most of my toys from when I was a kid. They have been in storage for over 30 years. I started going through them recently. Among them, I found a little motorised remote control Space Shuttle that had wheels (before I removed them). It’s a caricature of a Shuttle; it is not at all to scale.

It no longer worked so I pulled it apart. I’ve decided to turn the Shuttle into a little model.

To make it I’ll:

  • Cut part of the black base off the Shuttle toy (see the rough sketch I did below)
  • Make a new base from Styrene
  • Remove the old stickers
  • Putty, sand, prime and re-paint the Shuttle
  • Make decals
  • Scratch-build a diorama (similar to the examples below).
  • I’ll also add lighting.

It’ll be a gift for a little person.

I might also 3D model the shuttle, to print some duplicates.
If I don’t print it in 3D, I might make some moulds and do some resin casting duplicates instead.

The little toy I found in storage
The little toy I found in storage


Quick sketch of how I'll make the Space Shuttle model
Quick sketch of how I’ll make the model




Below are some reference pics I found on Google:


I found this video. Pretty interesting, so thought I’d add it here:


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