A Cover Letter – Extended Version

I very much enjoy working with people and helping clients achieve their goals. I also very much enjoy website design and SEO. I keep on top of Google algorithm changes and updates (as needed) including the recent changes launched in March 2024 (related in part to low-quality AI-generated content).

The website design and SEO industry is a rabbit hole. No one person knows everything. I focus on keeping up with (and ahead) of design trends, white-hat SEO strategies that work, R&D (including some of my own), SEO theory plus real-world implementation.

I am an open-minded person and believe (and know) that in this industry you need to have a mindset to be a ‘life-long student/ learner’. You can never rest on your laurels or stop learning. There is always something new to learn.

Those who know me also know I am a sharing and giving person. I am happy to share what I know, vs being someone who is ‘closed off’ and ‘protective’ and therefore not willing to assist others or be part of a team. “We grow, rise up and achieve goals together.” There is great strength in a great team!

A few key notes:

  • I have been designing and building websites ongoing since 2003
  • I started learning the basics of SEO in 2004
  • I took a real interest in ‘blogging for business’ (or ‘corporate blogging’ as it was called back then in 2004. I could see the massive benefits of blogging, building a mailing list, etc.
  • Since the late 90’s I have remained excited about the possibilities of the internet.
  • Streaming video has always excited me.
  • My interest and passion for strategic advanced SEO really started to take off in around 2011, especially as Google started to make their search algorithms fairer, including the Panda release.
  • I used to use Moz software. In 2019 I shifted to using SEMRush
  • I only do white-hat SEO.
  • I of course though have a good understanding of gray-hat SEO and some black-hat and do help clients avoid both… and educate on things like ‘negative SEO‘.
  • Amongst things, I also encourage certain clients to effectively ‘blog for business’ as part of a content strategy; as part of the SEO and Inbound Marketing strategy.
  • I enjoy writing blog posts.
  • Thinking up traffic-driving strategy campaigns, digital marketing campaigns, etc is fun. This one (that was done on a relatively small budget) was a joy: https://www.greenvalleydigital.com.au/case-study-valentines-day-competition-marketing-campaign-for-a-tourism-business/

I also have experience educating those not familiar or experienced in SEO, in ways they can easily understand (and that are of benefit to them). As in, I work with people from many ‘walks of life’ and I ‘meet them where they are at’ and deliver tailored tutoring and education based on their perspective, what they consider ‘relevant’, ‘useful’, and ‘important’ to them (and what is of value to them).

While I don’t have an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree in Marketing specifically, I have 20+ years of experience and have learned a lot along the way. I consider my general marketing skills and abilities to be at least an ‘8 out of 10’. ”

I blog on some of my own websites including:

  • https://www.greenvalleydigital.com.au/blog/ – I mostly write project case studies or short information that is useful to the target audiences that Green Valley Digital (GVD) markets to. Currently, GVD does not niche-target specific industries. GVD instead works with small and medium-sized businesses and entrepreneurial individuals. We have also worked with some .orgs and other entity types. The blog articles are usually designed to be quick to read with clear take-aways. I don’t often aggressively target long-tail keyword phrases within this website – as in, the blog articles are short in length, not overly focused on attracting backlinks or social shares, nor are they attempting to gain page 1 SERP ranking in Google rank over and beyond other quality content targeting specific long-tails. Some SEO Siloing strategy is being incorporated into this blog.
  • https://www.jaydaniellsweb.com.au/blog/ – This is mainly a personal blog where I share updates about hobby projects I am working on. I occasionally also post website project case studies as well.
  • https://www.youbeautwebsites.com.au/blog/ – I only recently re-launched this website in 2024. I am mainly writing short blog posts in this website at this stage.
  • Some SEO Siloing strategy is being incorporated into this blog, though I have only just started.

I left Brisbane in 2008 for a ‘tree-change’ and to hyperfocus my energies into further professional development, away from distractions. I am now looking for a change.

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