Custom Restored Arcade Cabinet

Back in 2002 a mate of mine and I custom restored an arcade cabinet. Some photos are below. I’ll write more here about the project at some point.

To do the project we:

  • Found an old cabinet from a thrift store. It was an empty shell; all the electronics had already been removed
  • We repainted the cabinet
  • A Playstation 1 arcade controller was used. We bought a converter online to convert it to USB (to connect to a PC)
  • I designed the lightbox sign and the logo ‘Insert Coin’
  • We had glass cut for the screen
  • We mounted an old 17″ computer monitor inside the cabinet
  • The MAME emulator was installed on a PC computer. We had MANY games setup in MAME

Was good fun!

I still own this arcade cabinet. It needs work. I will star working on it either this year or next year. I’ll update this blog article when I do.

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