eCommerce Online Shop Website using WooCommerce – for the Spiritual, Boho and New Age Market

One of the website projects I am working on atm for a client is an eCommerce Online Shop Website using the OpenSource engine and WooCommerce. The website will be featuring products specifically for the Spiritual, Boho and New Age Market in Australia and New Zealand.

Update 5/08/23: We finished the website and launched it 2 weeks ago. You can view it here:

A few details about the project:

  • The client and I agreed to use WooCommerce for this project instead of Shopify, Ecwid, Magento, WP EasyCart or any other eCommerce platform.
  • The website will be hosted with us here in Australia. (Majority/ all client websites are hosted with us. We offer one of the best/ most reputable website hosting options in Australia. Same too for email hosting)
  • The client is already hosting their email with us
  • Amongst product types, the client will be selling a lot of female fashion clothing. They have done professional photoshoots with female models modeling the clothing. The photos have now been supplied to me. Some have now been added into the website home page (see the below video)
  • Thousands of products will be added into this online shop
  • There are many features and functionalities being built into this eCommerce online shop website. I am working on adding them atm.
  • The Payment Gateway used in this Online Shop will be: PayPal, AfterPay and a few other payment options
  • A very fast and easy-to-use ‘Checkout’ system is being set up within this website
  • All care is being taken to ensure this website is ‘the very best it can be’ to ensure it is ‘the best’ online shopping experience for its intended market. Like all niches there are already some well-known competitor websites in the ‘new age’, ‘boho’, ‘spiritual’ etc niche. We will be competing against them.

The project is half-finished.

I really enjoy creating online shop websites. I’m very much enjoying this project.

Below is a quick video I created last week showing what the home page of this website looks like. It is a ‘sneak-peak’. Note: I have blurred out the client’s logo and any reference to their business name. I have done this for their privacy and security.

This new website will be launched in June.


Update 1/06/23: The project is on track to be launched this month. Some quick updates:

  • The client is adding in the initial products atm
  • Many more of the product categories have been added (more than shown in the above video)
  • Australia Post Shipping Method plugin has been added and configured
  • I’ve used my SEMRush account to monitor many competitor websites
  • I’ve added many of the features and functionality into the website.
  • There is still work to be done before the website is ready to be launched. A screenshot from the Project Document is below.


Project Document


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