Every LEGO Classic Space Set Ever Made

I always felt very lucky that my parents bought me a Lego Spaceship in the 1980’s. I am hoping I still have all its pieces in storage. If so, I’ll re-build it and keep it as a collector’s item.


I did a bit of research and apparently the Lego Space set I owned was the Lego 6890 Cosmic Cruiser, which I gather came out in 1982 (though I might be wrong). I’m guessing I was about 7 when my parents gave me this set for my b’day. I was so excited when I received it! I remember playing with this set a LOT! I built it many times over, custom modified it (as you do), made other things out of the parts (as you do), etc. I had a blast!

Lego 6890 Cosmic Cruiser - parts

For this Lego kit, amongst things I’ve found:

  • A step-by-step assembly video on YouTube
  • Some pics from the instruction booklet
  • Pics of all the parts
  • Some pics of the assembled kit

I hope I can find the parts for this kit so I can rebuild it.

The current market-value of the set is here. According to the info, it is currently worth over $800 if it’s in its box (sealed).
Side note: Looks like if I want to buy a used version of this kit (that includes the box) it would cost over $200 AUD on eBay (a product listing is here). I also found this cheaper kit for just over $100 AUD.

Apparently the kit had 115 pieces. Even if I can find most of them, I’ll be happy. I can always buy the extra pieces online.






Lego 6890 Cosmic Cruiser - the box



I also just spotted this on YouTube — WOW!!

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