Picachu as Venom Cross-over

Sometimes I get out one of my little visual diaries and do some quick drawings. Did this ‘Picachu as Venom’ drawing the other night. Certainly, many people have done drawings, illustrations, 3D models, etc of ‘Picachu as Venom’. This is my version. I am sure I could do many other versions in many other poses and many other styles, but this was just a quick 10min sketch with a Biro. Might do a ‘finshed-art’ version of this at some point in colour. We’ll see.

Picachu as Venom - rough drawing

Maybe I’ll illustrate a fight scene with him fighting ‘Pikachu as Spiderman’ and put it on t-shirts for sale at my website: tobioson.com (coming soon).



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