Posca Paint Pen Artworks

Posca Paint Pens are great! I’ve completed a custom surfboard artwork commission job with Posca Paint Pens in the past. I’m also using Posca Paint Pens to paint a set of waterskis atm (I’ll post pics once it is complete).

I have also done some artworks on canvas using Posca Paint Pens.

The artworks on this page have mostly been created for some of my nieces and nephews. I ask them what their favorite cartoon or movie characters are, then I get to work. I find it fun and interesting to create something they are interested in. I find this to be a good way to practice my skills in between doing commission jobs.

Mr Meeseeks - created with Posca Paint Pens on canvas

Kiki's Delivery Service - artwork - POSCA Paint Pens

Wonder Woman - artwork - POSCA Paint Pens


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