Team Gayndah – Clean Up Australia Day – 2022

Hi 😊,

I stumbled across this during the week and have now registered a team. The team page is here:

If you’re free and keen, meet me at the Weir at 6am this Sunday (6/03/22).

I figure we can see if there is anything to clean up there, then decide upon what other areas (roads, etc) we can go clean up as well. I might even go for a quick scout around today and see.

Feel free to also invite others who would also be keen (I’m ok with you forwarding this web page too if that makes it easier). More the merrier 😊.

I figure if we start at 6am, we can put in a good 2 hours effort and be done before the day starts to really heat up.  Re. weather: It appears to be forecast for more rain on Sunday though, so if it’s raining, please consider the activity canceled (or postponed). If you need to call me my direct phone number is: 0400 838 085.

Please bring all the usual items:

  • Full-brim hat
  • Appropriate attire and footwear
  • Maybe wear something that is ‘high vis’ (vest perhaps)
  • Sunscreen (if you use it – I still do)
  • Backpack… with a little emergency first aid kit (if you have one handy).
  • Water
  • Food/snacks (optional of course)
  • Garbage bags
  • Rubber gloves (maybe gardening gloves if you prefer)
  • Sanitiser (I’ll bring a big bottle – Council had me buy one for youth coaching recently)
  • A rubbish picker (optional of course…. Something like this is what they showed on the website: )

PS. Roadside clean-up: Info about what Clean up Australia Day says we can and can’t do is below (copied from their website).

If you know of any areas close by that need a good clean-up please let me know?




A roadside is an area beside a road that has nothing separating vehicles and pedestrians.

There are very important safety considerations with which you must comply to register a roadside clean-up. You cannot complete a roadside clean-up without approval from your local council. If you are unable to obtain permission from the council, you will need to choose a different location for your clean-up.


Arterial Roads (including Highways) and Freeways cannot be registered for Clean Ups due to health and safety reasons.

Roadside Clean Ups are only allowed along municipal roads – these are roads owned by your local council, and need to have a reduced speed-limit of 40km/h or less for the clean-up event.

Children (15 and under) are not permitted to participate in any roadside activity.

You will need to demonstrate a 3-metre exclusion zone between volunteers and vehicles. For dirt roads this would be 3 metres from the drainage gully. A larger exclusion zone may be required by your council.

Additional signage to denote location and distance of activity (i.e. Clean Up Day site – next 2kms) may be required.

Use of highly visible safety vests for all volunteers.

Time limitations of activity may be required to avoid peak traffic times.


Side note: I just spotted some very interesting innovations in ‘resource recovery’ on the Clean-up Australia website. Is worth checking them out here.

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