Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe – DIY Movie Prop Project

I made Thor’s Stormbreaker Axe for a friend’s 9-year-old son last year. It was made from EVA Foam. Basically, it is a movie prop.

The handle is PVC Pipe, covered with foam, then carved with a Dremel tool and then painted.

The project took around 30 hours, plus research time:

  • Finding reference images
  • Looking at reference movie footage
  • Figuring out the best way to make it

It is not to scale. I deliberately made it smaller and also made the handle shorter, and not as thick.
There are also nowhere near as many vines connecting the handle to the axe head, vs the real ‘Stormbreaker’ from the movies.

I had very limited time for this project so had to rush it.
It was the first time I had used EVA Foam to make a movie prop. I watched a bunch of tutorial videos on YouTube to learn the best ways to:

  • Cut it
  • Carve it
  • Glue it
  • Seal it (so it can be painted)
  • etc

Below are some photos of the finished project. I’ll create a short video soon showing the project step by step.

DIY foam Axe - Thor's Stormbreaker



I didn’t have time to make all the extruded parts for the axe head, so I just drew them on with a marker.


Did a bit of texture painting and a little bit of weathering with dry-brush.


Quick pic taken while gluing on the vines.


The 3 main parts before I glued them. Finishing the texture painting was done after it was glued together.


It was very roughly built. The joins were not very good, but I knew I could hide that with the paint job 🙂



Shout-out to Oden Makes and everyone else who has made a Stormbreaker Axe and posted a video about it to YouTube. Your videos helped me heaps!

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